Tarragon Sandwich Testing at CloverKND Thursday 2/19

By Lucia February 19, 2015


Chris came to the Food Dev meeting the other day with a spectacular tarragon sauce. Tarragon is an herb you find in French cooking. It’s slightly licorice-y, but very savory. And we think there’s a sandwich in there somewhere. We’ve made a version that incorporates Maine oats and a Chip-in Farm egg…

If you’re into trying new things, come by CloverKND today starting at 11am. If you are one of the 80 people who try this sandwich, come back and tell your order-taker what you thought, or leave your feedback here in the comments section.

Think about:

-Would you buy this sandwich again?
-What does this sandwich taste like to you?
-What elements do you think are missing (salt, sweet, sour, bitter?
-Do you have any ideas for us to make this sandwich better?


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