Winter Fruit Salad Launching Thursday 2/26 at breakfast

By Lucia February 24, 2015


Our Fruit Salad was inspired by a man in LA who cut fruit at a mile a minute, seasoned it with lime and chile flakes, and handed it to you in a Ziplock bag. We ran Clover fruit salad for several years, then took it off the menu for a few months while we re-developed a much more creative, dynamic recipe. We’re launching our brand new fruit salad at breakfast on Thursday with free samples for all customers. So what’s different about our fruit salad?

1. It’s just-cut. Meaning we cut it when you order it. No gray bananas or soggy honeydew melons. Nothing sitting in plastic for hours before being eaten. Don’t worry, we’ve been training on knife skills to make the process as fast as a breakfast sandwich.

2. Our fruit salad recipe will change weekly or bi-weekly depending on availability of seasonal produce.

3. Like all food at Clover, our fruit salads will be seasoned and garnished to bring out the individual flavors of each item.

4. During the winter, we’ll get to experiment with fruits from warmer climates. Blood oranges. Mangoes. Coconut. Kumquat. Pomegranate. We might even introduce you to stuff you’ve never tried in a fruit salad before. Taro root. Local turnip. Minced poblano.


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