Barismo folks are in Costa Rica right now

By Lucia March 9, 2015


Barismo is a roaster we love in Somerville. They send their employees to coffee-producing countries to find farms to work with, and they actually financially support farms so they can create better coffee (think of a big CSA but with coffee beans!).

We’re featuring a brand new farm at Clover: La Bandera Tarrazu. And at the same time, Chris from Barismo is actually at La Bandera, the farm in Costa Rica, arranging the next round of coffees they will buy from Diego, the farmer.

Diego dries this coffee in a really unique way – slowing down the drying process so the coffee can develop better flavor (think of a great aged wine and how it develops better flavor as it ages). We’re going to host Chris at Clover when he returns from Costa Rica to share what he learned from Diego. In the meantime, check out all the details on this coffee at Barismo’s website.

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