Hadley Hakurei Sandwich, testing today at Kendall

By Lucia March 18, 2015


Michael Docter grew beautiful hakurei turnips at Winter Moon Farm this year. This is a Japanese variety of turnip. It’s so sweet and crisp that it doesn’t even need to be cooked. When Chris and I visited the farm in November, we were eating them straight out of the field.

We put out a call at our Food Dev meeting for a turnip sandwich. Ben, a new assistant manager in the kitchen (who came to us after working at Rendezvous) came up with a recipe for a sandwich… before he had even started work! We ran it through a few Food Dev meetings and came up with a version we’re testing today on customers at Kendall.

It has a togaroshi mayo, roasted hakurei turnips, shoyu-brined fried onions, and a fresh carrot miso salad made with Michael Docter carrots. We’re testing it at lunch at Kendall today. If you’re one of the 100 people who got a sandwich today, please use this space to leave your feedback.

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