What’s the craziest thing you’ve used your lab notebook for?

By ayr April 4, 2015


I found this in my basement the other day. We’re playing with ideas to improve our training, especially for managers. That’s because we’re on a hiring binge right now. (If you think you’d be a great fit please apply now).

So one of the things we talked about was bringing the “lab” aspect of what we’re doing to life for new managers, many of whom have never really run experiments. I thought I remembered a lab notebook from early days and here it is. Ground zero Clover.

This one literally has recipes, data from early operations (e.g., how many sandwiches we sold in a day), customer names and email addresses for early customer research, ideas for operational improvements, flow charts and floorpans.

I used these for everything when I worked with a lab coat every day. Do you guys still use stuff like this? Has it gone electronic?

So we’re thinking to hand a Clover-branded notebook to all new managers and explain how to run (and record) experiments. I think it’s going to be amazing.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with a lab notebook?


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