Team Leader pay increases to $12.50/ hour

By ayr April 14, 2015


I had the fun job of sending a note to employees this morning announcing a pay increase for the Team Leader position.¬†We’re increasing starting pay for our Team Leaders from $11.25/ hour to $12.50/ hour. This change will go in effect for the next pay period. All existing Team Leaders earning less than $12.50/ hour will automatically get an increase. All new promotions and hires into the Team Leader role will start at $12.50/ hour. Everybody will still be eligible for future increases per our policies in the handbook.

I have to admit I had to have somebody else point out to me that we have increased all pay this year (Provisional, Team Member, Assistant Manager, General Manager) but had left the Team Leaders behind. Sorry all, that’s an oversight on my part.

And perhaps related to this oversight we’re short on Team Leaders as a company. Hopefully this change will help correct that.

For those of you unfamiliar with this role, team leaders are shift supervisors at Clover. Team Leaders either open or close a shift. It’s the first role at Clover that introduces expectations of leadership and can be a very exciting starting point for a longer career at Clover, or a great place to learn quickly while helping us build this company.

Thanks all. Sorry it took somebody else to point this out to me. Excited to be able to make this change.

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