How many fields of parsnips do you want me to plant this year?

By Lucia April 15, 2015


That was a question Michael Docter of Winter Moon Roots asked us when we were at the farm early this fall.

Now those parsnips have been harvested and brought to Clover. Our first buy was 1600lbs, and we’re placing another order this week!

If you’ve never had a Winter Moon parsnip, they are unlike anything you’ve ever had before. These are Spring parsnips, which means they’ve spent a winter under the snow. Their starches have converted to sugars, so they are really sweet and a little bit spicy. They are the first thing to come out of the ground after winter.


Parsnip Sandwich (Spring onion chow-chow, Grafton Cheddar, mayo, roasted warm parsnips, young spinach)
Parsnip Pear Soup
Parsnip Spinach Salad
Parsnip Lemonade (free samples anytime, trust us, this does taste good!)
Parsnip Soda (same deal, this actually works as a soda!)
Parsnip Fritters after 3pm

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