HFI Hiring

By ayr April 22, 2015



That’s a picture I snapped of Shane, our GM of HFI, interviewing a candidate.

We’re doing something completely different with hiring for this restaurant. In the past, when we opened a truck, or a restaurant, we seeded that location with folks from around the company. So Kendall was opened by a crew of experienced Clover employees.

The issue with that approach is that you sort of gut existing units when you open a new one. And it will not scale as opening new restaurants becomes more frequent.

So we’re trying something completely different for this restaurants. We hired all new employees. It’s a daunting task, and I’ll admit, it’s a bit scary for me. Shane hired 39 employees last week. That’s incredible. But part of what is tricky here is that you can’t hire a long time before open, and you can’t even know exactly when open is going to be no matter how hard you try (see Lucia’s post from last night).

So we’ve hired a ton of people, and we’ve been on boarding them this past week and getting them trained in existing restaurants. If this approach works it will be an amazing way to move forward in the future.

So yeah, there are a few roles left if you’re wondering. We need Assistant Managers, Team Leaders (supervisors), and we need prep folks (fast with a knife). I you have interest or know somebody who does please apply right now.


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