Trucks are back

By ayr April 24, 2015


I may have scaled the side of our truck the other day and stood atop to take this picture. Look at that, isn’t it wonderful?

See that in the picture? When we opened our truck at Dewey Square we were the first modern food truck in Boston. At that point there was a Frosty Truck, and 2 trailers over by New Market (M&Ms and Speeds), and that was it. There hadn’t been a food truck opened in Boston in something like 20 years. To be honest, we weren’t sure it would work. I only signed on for a couple days a week with the Greenway because I thought we were going to lose money. That site at Dewey Square was a wasteland, only available because all of the traditional cart-vendors didn’t want to be there.

I don’t know if I’ve written about this publicly, but Edith who was the City of Boston food Czar told the audience at one of our food truck 101 conferences that the City of Boston Food Truck Initiative started after Mayor Menino ate at Clover and was inspired and thought trucks could bring innovation and healthy food to Boston. I think we have more than 80 trucks in Boston now. That’s incredible.

So when I look at this line it’s with excitement and pride. Those are a lot of people being fed. Our fellow food truck operators do an amazing job and make some of the best street food in the country. And look how many jobs we’ve created together!

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