First game of illegal pinball

By ayr April 27, 2015


I snapped this pic opening day. A few hours later Sean got the 11 single-day permits that allow us to play pinball. I bought this kid his game (all kids are going to play free), so I’m hoping it’s not entirely illegal, as I wasn’t selling a play.

So if you’re curious as to the status of pinball at HFI, it’s not legal until something like midnight. Then it’s illegal for play until 7am or something. I think we should put up a sign or something to notify folks “Illegal after midnight.”

Really, what an absolutely crazy ordinance, right? If I had more time I’d lead an effort to get rid of this dumb law. But that’s the problem with dumb laws, right? Somebody put in the effort to get it made, then none of us have the time or energy to try to fix. It seems like momentum is strongly in favor of creation of new laws and regulations, and resists simplifying/ removing/ streamlining. It’s funny, in business we spend most of our time tearing up and replacing ideas that we’re great with better ideas. But I think government works more like nature, favoring entropy : ) Will there be a Heat Death of Government someday? (type¬†“Heat Death of the Universe” into google if you don’t follow that reference)

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