Street canvas

By ayr April 27, 2015


That’s Dave Tree painting.

Somebody, I can’t remember who, had this idea to make this old side window into a sort of shadowbox that looks out onto a giant canvas (aka the wall of the building next door). Our kind neighbors at Viale were game, and now we have a giant rotating street art canvas.

We didn’t know what Dave was going to paint. Part of the deal is that I want to let artists do whatever they want. I didn’t know he was out there painting when I turned the corner from the kitchen to confront these awesome bands of color. It’s really fun. The final piece includes vertical shapes too (Birch Trees). An amazing start for our space.

We’re going to select a new artist every 2 months. And we’re putting up a little iPad below that window that advertises the artist and lets you know where to find more of their work. Dave Tree, our first featured artist, has long played an important role in Boston’s Hardcore scene. And he runs a Silk Screening shop and has a ton of art shows in the Boston area.

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