Panelle Sandwich is back!

By Lucia May 19, 2015


This week we launched another seasonal sandwich inspired by a childhood memory, this time from a customer of ours.

The Panelle was inspired by an Italian visitor to HSQ. This customer told Ayr about panelle, a chickpea cake that he would eat as a kid when he came home from school in Sicily.

What’s in it? Panella is similar to polenta, but it’s made with chickpea flour. We make it at the kitchen. We add sautéed onion, garlic and rosemary. Then we deep-fry it at our locations. It develops a beautiful crust, but is custardy inside. We serve it with a salad made from fennel and kalamata olives; and there’s a lemon mayo sauce. We launched this last year, and customers were exclaiming that it might be the next chickpea fritter. Then we screwed up a few batches, and it became the worst sandwich we’ve ever made. After some materials science work from Ayr, we re-launched it, and now it’s better than ever. Try it and let us know what you think!

Nutritional Information

– Calories (kCal)    410.68
– Fat (g)    17.92
– Protein (g)    12.70
– Carbs (g)    49.65
– Fiber (g)    9.43
– Sodium (mg)    1,188.36

*Note: does not include fat from frying the panelle

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