By Lucia June 8, 2015


It took a translated-from-Hebrew Facebook page, a customs agent at Boston Harbor, 3 strong men, about 400 hours of Chris Anderson’s time, countless city and state approvals, a natural gas shutdown of the street around the HUB, and a trip to a local flour mill…

2 years after buying our oven, we are finally baking our own pita bread at Clover. If you want to come and see the oven, come to the HUB (1075 Cambridge Street) anytime and we’ll show it to you. It cranks 1500 pitas/hour. We’re very proud of it.

For the past 3 weeks we’ve been testing different versions of pita before we scale up to service the whole company. All-white, 30% whole wheat, 30% spelt. Different rise times, different proof times. Different brands of flour. We are getting close to something we like. We should have something for you to taste on Wednesday. Look for #newpita on your location’s Twitter to see when it has arrived.

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