By ayr June 16, 2015


So there’s a big (PRODUCT)RED event going on at DWY tomorrow. You don’t see us at too many of these fundraising events. There’s a reason, we have a really singular focus. We’re making the world better by serving cleaner food and that’s all we do. We’re able to achieve so much by staying so focused. But in this case the event literally is coming to us.

And I have a personal connection to RED. One of my best friends ran RED at the beginning. I was always really proud of the work he was doing. Colin, Alex, and I were all close at HBS and all went to McKinsey after school (Alex and I took a detour and worked at Patagonia first). Colin was first to leave McKinsey. So while Alex and I were still junior Engagement Managers sitting in board rooms waiting for our turn to present powerpoint slides Colin was changing the world, literally. It’s been really inspiring to watch RED develop. Happy to help in a small way if we can.

If you buy food at Clover today and use a Bank of America card, they will donate .40 to RED.

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