Juice clinics?

By ayr June 16, 2015


I hate the idea of food as medicine. It’s probably why I cringe a little every time I hear about a diet or somebody talk with excitement about how great some “superfood” is.

This image is from a trip I just took to LA. It’s really funny, right? “Functional foods” are a fast growing business, and leading that pack are juice shops, and LA is ground zero. This has been happening for a long time. But check this out, literally using syringes to dispense the stuff. Isn’t that funny? And see the little shot bottles? They look like pill bottles, no?

I think my reaction is sort of irrational. I get a bit more worked up about this stuff than I should. But I believe that food can be so much. It can be delicious, connect us to one another, connect us to farmers and the soil, and our future selves. That stuff doesn’t sit in a syringe.

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