Clover + Harvard Medical School

By Lucia June 18, 2015


We don’t talk about it too much, but one of the secret goals of Clover is to improve peoples’ health. We’ve had our fair share of stories of this happening, although nothing quite as crazy as Steve’s story. I was talking to Paul today and realized we had never posted about “our Jared.”

Steve, a customer in Burlington, ate with us every day for a year. He has diabetes and now doesn’t have to take insulin. His doctor asked him, “What have you been doing?” and he responded, “I just started eating at a restaurant.” He has offered to stand outside his diabetes clinic in Longwood and hand out fliers about Clover. We haven’t taken him up on that yet. But we were super excited when Harvard Medical School invited us to cater their “Treating Obesity” course today and Saturday. The truck is open to the public too. Catch us at the Marriot Long Wharf today (Thursday) and Saturday from 11-2pm.

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