Clover Cambros

By ayr June 22, 2015


We’ve been working with the company Cambro who makes the containers we use. When we first got them to send somebody to visit Clover their jaws dropped. We use Cambro unlike any other customer they have. Cambro is the Rubbermaid of commercial kitchens. But at Clover I wanted to commit to a food system that would minimize waste. So when we started using our commissary we wanted containers that were reusable, that would allow us to keep the container in the system instead of throwing it away. So we have mountains of Cambro containers. They are the common container in our company.

Cambro told us last visit that they could print on the containers for us. We were psyched. So these are some from the first batch. The main reason for these was to manage what we call “onion-y” flavors. We’ve used tape in the past but it’s a mess. But basically if we ever use a container for an onion, ever, we don’t want it to ever hold anything that isn’t “onion-y.” So now these are all color coded and printed for us so that we don’t make any mistakes or have to put up with tattered tape.

It’s all sort of insider, hopefully I’ve done a decent job describing what we’re doing. But know that this is a huge deal to us. We’re so excited. And if you’re in the food industry and want an intro to the Cambro folks let us know. They’ve been helping us innovate.

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