Paint our Pita

By Lucia June 29, 2015


I’m posting a call for artists in case you all know someone or want to try your hand…

In a few short weeks we will finish a project that started as a dream – to improve the biggest component of food that our customers eat every day. We will begin baking our own pita bread, on the order of 3,000 pieces per day. It doesn’t sound like a big accomplishment, but consider this.It took a translated-from-Hebrew Facebook page, a customs agent at Boston Harbor, thousands of dollars wired across the sea, 4 strong men, countless inspections, a natural gas shutdown of a block in East Cambridge, 50 test batches, an injured finger, a trip to one of Massachusetts’ only working wheat farms, and the creation of the first overnight prep shift at Clover.Our prized pita oven has traveled 5500 miles from its birthplace in the Middle East and is now fired up in East Cambridge.The result, we are hoping, is that Clover customers get to eat their sandwiches on better, fresher bread. We couldn’t be more excited and want to to share this story with our customers. We are looking for an artist to create murals in our 6 restaurants to illustrate the process.


We’ll fill you in on all the steps it took to begin baking. You’ll translate into art. You’ll pitch us an idea. We’ll let you have a 5ft x 8 ft section of our restaurant as your canvass.


We are open to creativity and your own interpretation of this story. However, we are generally looking to keep this project pretty simple to execute. We are looking to do the same design at all restaurants.


Based on experience, up to $3000 for six restaurant murals. Plus we will cover the cost of your materials and your travel to locations, we’ll throw you an art opening when the murals are revealed, and we’ll help get your name out into the world, if you’d like. Oh, and all the Clover pita you can eat for a year.


Send us 3 examples of your current work, a resume, CV, or website, and 3-5 sentences on why you are excited by this project. Submit via email to Lucia Jazayeri, Director of Communications,


Wednesday, July 8, 8am

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