Rhode Island Mushroom Co visit

By Lucia July 2, 2015


We’re launching a Mushroom Sandwich. We took a group of staff members to visit Rhode Island Mushroom Company yesterday. It was an amazing operation. I had imagined a dark room filled with manure and soil.

It was more like a brightly lit lab meets greenhouse. Mike (owner) and Todd (mushroom scientist) spent a ton of time with us. I learned that mushrooms can make it rain by influencing the barometric pressure in an area. They can communicate with each other from hundreds of miles away. And they can clean up oil spills and destroy heavy metals.

Mushroom cultivators have learned a lot about how to influence the environment of a growing space to create different types of mushrooms, and RI Mushroom has seen explosive growth over the last year.

We’re offering a Mushroom CSA with RI Mushroom Co. right now. Signups are closed but we’ll have another one in the winter. Every week customers get a new mushroom to taste.  And we are hard at work on a Blue Oyster mushroom sandwich. We’ll be testing our first version on customers at CloverKND tomorrow, 11:30 til sold out.

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