Sandwich launch mess-up

By ayr July 8, 2015


I remember when I used to apologize for our food screw-ups daily. That doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully. We have better systems in place, more safe guards, people who are better than me at catching mistakes.

But occasionally one slips by us. I ordered the new Broccoli Strawberry sandwich yesterday excited to try this. I’d had it at food dev and before while it was being conceptualized. And I’d loved it. But yesterday it was really screwed up. I was pretty upset about it.

Sorry everybody. I expect some of you were upset as well. It just wasn’t awesome. The tofu was wrong. We’re ordering from 21st Century Tofu, out of Jamaica Plain, right next to where we used to operate. And we got extra firm instead of firm. There’s a big difference. I checked it out at the kitchen (Chris who runs our food systems is on vacation) and the box is really unclearly marked. So I think the folks in the kitchen just didn’t know it was wrong.

And the tofu wasn’t marinaded properly. I’m not sure why, but it was pretty much just raw tofu. And it was cut too thick. Not sure why. Anyway, we diagnosed all of these issues quickly and fixed for today. But the sandwiches we made Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) were not right. The sweet and sour sauce that we’re making out of strawberries wasn’t right either, too watery. So if you got one of those¬†just come by a location today or tomorrow and let them know we screwed up your sandwich. Tell them Ayr wants to buy you a replacement. Sorry all. It’s much better today.

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