Clover #7

By ayr July 10, 2015


I’m working on our next Clover location. We had expected it would be Copley Sq. (you might have seen me mention something about that). We had a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed on a site there. A Letter of Intent is a non-binding agreement between a landlord and a tenant. Our Landlord approached us about that site and offered to build the space out for us and on good faith we did a ton of work to get ready for the site. Then it went on indefinite hold. So this site that I was planning to open in August is on hold.

So while we’re still hoping that the Copley site will happen, we’re not expecting it will be Clover #7. The next Clover restaurant will likely be downtown. We just signed a new LOI on a site at Federal St. near South Station. It’s really exciting. Our truck at Dewey Square was our first in Boston, and the first new food truck in Boston. And it’s a beautiful site.

Clover #8 is in the works. The picture above is from a site we were invited to look at in Longwood. We would totally love to be there and had made an offer on this site back a year ago. It’s still available, but it doesn’t look like the landlord wants Clover there, not sure why. We’ll keep looking. Retail real estate is a funny thing that is pretty invisible to most people. And honestly I haven’t talked about it openly as much as I’d like to for fear that Landlords would punish us for breaking the veil. But I’m inclined to be a bit more open and recently wrote about our DC search and I don’t think it hurt anybody. I’m going to try to start shedding more light on our searches here in Boston as well. Cross my fingers I don’t offend anybody powerful : )

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