Manager learning

By ayr July 16, 2015


About 3 years ago we started working in earnest on our training programs. At this point everybody in the company is trained (to their level) and we have a full time trainer role (Sara). If you’re curious about our materials stop by our “Careers” tab of the website and check out the “Teacher’s Training Guide.” We update it all the time and it’s what we use to train staff. We work to make that whole process really transparent.

The other week we had a special opportunity. Phil Terry, who I met at a Harvard function, offered to chat with our staff. He’s done a bunch of interesting things in the past and recently wrote a business book and is talking to companies (he was in town to talk to Fidelity). He offered to swing by Clover and talk with our managers. So we canceled our weekly manager meeting and tried something new. Everybody loved the change of pace and I think we all learned something new.

This picture is of Dave (VP Ops) talking to Phil after his presentation. Thanks Phil!

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