Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

By Lucia August 5, 2015


The Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is leaving us at the end of next week. We are getting local mushrooms from Rhode Island Mushroom Company in West Kingston. You might remember we took a field trip there last month.

We were playing around with ideas at Food Dev and someone threw out the idea of a Po-boy. The sandwich has a tarragon miso spread, buttermilk-battered blue oyster mushrooms, kale from Next Barn Over lightly dressed with lemon juice, and tomatoes from Queen’s Greens.

I think the magical thing about this sandwich is the batter that Chris worked so hard on. It’s crispy and delicious, but it also allows the mushroom flavor to come through. And the mushrooms are light and airy but chewy at the same time. I didn’t say fried chicken, did I? But I kind of want to order a bucket of them to take home.

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