Zucchini Sandwich launching today

By Lucia August 7, 2015


We launch a new sandwich tonight: the Zucchini. It has a basil mayo, tofu that we fry, cool, then dip in soy sauce, and a salad made with local zucchini, corn, and shiso.

Chris had an idea to do another sandwich using Twenty First Century Tofu. It’s made in JP at the same commissary where we used to do prep for Clover every night. He brought a take on bahn-mi to the Food Development meeting. It had this beautiful mayonnaise made with fresh basil. Over a few meetings we tasted different versions. We tried to get away from the idea of a bahn mi. Chris found out Queens Greens was harvesting Shiso, and that Next Barn Over had beautiful zucchini. We tried a few versions of the zucchini salad: some with kale, some with pistachios. Then corn came into season, so we decided to do something really simple: just zucchini, corn, and shiso.

There’s a cool thing we do with the tofu. We dust it with cornstarch (the only non-local thing on the sandwich!), then fry it, cool it, and dip it in a soy sauce right before putting it in the sandwich. We’ll have this sandwich everywhere starting tonight. Use the comments section to tell us your thoughts.


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