New coffee: Verve: Los Santos (Guatemala)

By Lucia August 10, 2015


More and more, we are seeing our roasters partnering with specific farms or mills to improve processing and farming practices. Verve is a coffee roaster we love in Santa Cruz.

A partnership between Verve and Luis Pedro Zelaya of the Bella Vista Mill in Guatemala led to the coffee you’re drinking right now. This area of Guatemala has been growing more and more coffee since coffee was first introduced there in the 1980’s. Farmers grow coffee on small farms and bring it to a coffee mill for processing. Because Verve (and other roasters) are buying from this particular part of the world, these farmers are getting higher prices for their work. In the past, most coffee was sold as a commodity crop and blended with other beans, not celebrated for its unique flavor profile.

We love this coffee for its orange and mango notes. It was processed using a traditional washed process.

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