The worst part of fruit salad

By Lucia August 10, 2015


Isn’t it always the cantaloupe?

Not at Clover, at least not in the early days of August during a great melon season. Ray from Next Barn Over has been harvesting cantaloupe for the past 2 weeks, and he sent them to us for our fruit salad. These melons are extremely sweet. To me they taste musky, almost like a really good honey.

Chris launched a new fruit salad on Friday. It has cantaloupe from Next Barn Over, peaches from Lookout Farms, cucumber, shiso from Queen’s Greens. We hit it with fresh lemon juice, honey, and a touch of salt. Try it at breakfast this week, because cantaloupes are having a great but short season this year. We’re only going to have this for another week!


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