“Coffee is the coolest thing to learn about…ever.”

By Lucia August 12, 2015


That was a direct quote from Sarah from Speedwell Roasters in Plymouth. We’ve been featuring their Huila coffee from Colombia. Sarah joined us for tastings this month at LMA and HFI. I wasn’t at the LMA tasting but Paul kept saying I was going to love Sarah. She got her degree to be a high school English teacher, but discovered that she loved coffee. Now she works as the primary roaster at Speedwell. This is a job that I would find extremely tedious, so it’s always cool for me to meet people who really love it.

She was super outgoing, friendly and really smart about coffee. She got to go to Mexico to tour coffee farms and said her biggest wish is to find and create a partnership with a new farm. After the event we were still talking, and so I brought her (and April and Rob, two customers who had joined for the event) to Dwelltime to meet Jaimie and learn about some of their new farm relationships.

Thanks Derek for sharing her with us! And thanks Sarah for joining! If you missed the tasting, we’re having another one with Pete, head roaster at Barismo, on the morning of 8/28.



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