“Chris, I think it’s finally time to buy a forklift”

By Lucia August 13, 2015


Those were the words that Ayr said at our last staff meeting.

The HUB at 1075 Cambridge Street is turning into a distribution center for local food, and we’re not quite equipped to handle it. We’re selling 70 percent more food we were 7 months ago and in a few months we’ll be selling double the amount of food we were at this time last year.

We got cantaloupes from Next Barn Over and in a week we had gone through all of them. Farms that we used to purchase bumper crops from are now going to have to plant fields for us next year. We’re buying organic chickpeas in units the size of a VW Bug. We’re buying bags of local wheat flour by the pallet. Boxes of Hampton Creek Just Mayo by the truckload. And since we’re selling more and more food, that means more compostable packaging, more fry oil, more dishes to wash, more of everything. And so we’re already outgrowing the HUB.

Chris was in Woburn at Crown Lift this morning test-driving forklifts. He was telling me that forklifts are all computerized now. You can set max-speed, max lift height and they have crash sensors all over the unit that will tell you where the unit was hit and by who.

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