Newbury Hiring headquarters

By Lucia August 21, 2015


Megan has been leading up our hiring. She’s been doing a killer job.  That’s Michael Fitzhenry (who started what was once my favorite cafe in Boston: Mike and Patty’s). He is going to run Clover Newbury Street. It’s going to be the city’s first electric food truck, parked for many hours a day, on Newbury Street and Mass Ave in Boston. We are thinking it’ll be a new test kitchen location for the rest of Clover. Customers there will get to try Michael’s creations before the rest of Clover does.

While we finish up all the construction details with the city, we are focusing on hiring and training a team. So Mike’s been doing interviews and using CloverLMA as a place to train his new hires.

Think you might have what it takes? Or know someone who does? Fill out an application, select Newbury Street as your desired location, and we’ll call you back within 48 hours.



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