Pretty Things St. Botolph’s Town Beer Launch: 9/24, 8pm, CloverHSQ

By Lucia September 8, 2015


Clover HSQ is having a Pretty Things Beer launch on 9/24. Dann, the brewer, will be there to pour your first round. Free for anyone (21+) to come and taste. You can buy beer when you arrive. And the first 20 customers to pre-order on the Clover website will get a gift from the brewery.

This beer was brewed by two “gypsy” brewers, Dann and Martha, who are husband and wife. By gypsy, we mean that they don’t have their own brewery. They rent space at Buzzards Bay in Westport, MA. Their entire company has 2 people. And if you search Pretty Things on our website, you’ll see that these folks are the reason we have beer at Clover!

This beer is called St Botolph’s Town. It’s a malty dark brown ale. Botolph was the original name for Boston in England. Martha is British and they first discovered Yorkshire brown ales when they were living in England.


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