Clover electrified

By Lucia October 5, 2015


This cord is going to mean fresher food for you.

Any food that can’t be prepped with a knife or a blender gets made back at the HUB. We make the food, pack it, then store it in our walk-in fridge until the resupply van is ready to head out to our locations. Ayr and Chris were thinking of ways to cut down the time between when food is prepped and when it is eaten.

Soon we’re going to be plugging in our resupply van at night, fully packed with food. This means it is forever a refrigerator. And it means we can push prep to later in the day, pack it directly into the truck, and skip the walk-in fridge altogether. We’re using something called FreshTemp, which means we can monitor the temperature of the van from anywhere.


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