Clover + WFM is live!

By Lucia October 7, 2015


We launched our Whole Foods collaboration last month. Paul is leading up our efforts there, and he’s been doing a great job getting everything figured out.

Right now you can find Clover food in the salad bar and prepared foods section of the Inkblock location in the South End. It’s a beautiful store. In time you’ll see our food at all of the busiest Whole Foods in the city.

We’re changing the menu every few weeks, using an insane amount of local and organic stuff. Paul is going to be in-store most days sampling food at lunchtime and dinnertime.


Black Bean Spread
Rustic Hummus
Beluga Lentil Salad
Farro Broccoli Salad
Pickled Carrots
Pickled Cabbage
Pickled Red Onions


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