By Lucia October 7, 2015


Meet Lynn. This one’s a long time overdue. If you eat at HSQ you’ve heard her sunny voice sailing out from behind the column where the breakfast sandwiches are made.

Lynn has a degree from Boston College and grew up on Long Island. She spent the last few years running multiple Magnolia Bakeries in New York City, including the one in Grand Central Station. Because of this Lynn came to us with experience running massive crews in all kinds of situations. One of the first things Lynn ever said to me was “At my last job, a customer punched me in the face!” Ask her about this next time you’re by, it’s a great story.

We can’t say enough good things about Lynn. She’s tough and sweet and super intelligent and will always tell you what she really thinks. She also this ability to discern your spirit animal. Unfortunately it takes a while for certain peoples’ animals to become apparent. I’m still waiting on mine. Please, God, say it’s not a jellyfish. Lynn took over Harvard Square at a time when staffing was in horrible shape, and has since mentored some of our most amazing leaders, like Scott, Jerry, Rob, Kate, Stacia, One, and Shane.

Want to join Lynn’s team at HSQ and get a spirit animal of your own someday? Apply online. Think you could be the next Lynn? There’s an application for that, too.

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