You have to know someone who knows someone.

By Lucia October 16, 2015


There is a farmer who grows paw-paws somewhere in MA. I’m not even allowed to know his name. Ayr knows someone who knows someone and that means that on TUESDAY, Clover will be getting one bushel of a very weird, very wonderful alien fruit.

Paw paws are a tropical fruit. And yet they are not native to the tropics. They grow wild in the woodlands of the Eastern U.S, and some farmers have hidden groves of paw paw trees. They taste like something between a banana and a mango. You cannot find paw-paws in grocery stores because they are too delicate to travel in trucks. And this year snowstorms were very hard on the paw-paw trees, so there are not many around. We’re getting 1 bushel. It might be the only bushel of paw paws in the state of MA.

Every restaurant will be making paw paw soda starting Tuesday. Trucks may get a paw paw or two to share with customers and staff. Watch the Twitter feed of your nearest Clover to see when the aliens have landed.


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