It’s working

By ayr October 29, 2015


We’re selling Clover at Whole Foods Market. We’ve been doing this sort of quietly for about a month.

Why quietly? Because I’ve been uncertain it would work. We’re very controlling when it comes to our food. We like super super fresh. As in we don’t cut the tomato until you order the sandwich. And we don’t keep tomatoes in the refrigerator. And we jump through hoops to get eggs that are hours old.

But yesterday while I was taking orders at the MIT truck I got the signal from the universe that it’s time to talk about what we’re doing. This customer said she was with us for the first time, and when I asked how she found us she mentioned Whole Foods! (sorry, I really can’t remember your name and don’t want to fake it, I was so excited to meet you and take your picture I totally forgot your name).

Isn’t that amazing? Paul has been leading up this business development and while the sales have been good we haven’t been sure how the whole thing was working on a customer level. And my view is simple: if a Whole Foods presence introduces new folks to our food it’s awesome! On the other hand, if our products there fail to excite folks we shouldn’t be doing it.

And now we actually have a documented first time Clover customer who discovered us at Whole Foods. Awesome.

You can discover us at Whole Foods as well. We’re currently at the Ink Block store selling items in the prepared foods area. Whole Foods actually worked some Clover items (salads, hummus, spreads, pickled veg) into their salad bar and we have packaged items on the shelf. Soon we’ll be expanding to another 6-7 stores.

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