Please don’t be mad!

By ayr November 3, 2015

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Bear with me, I have 2 messages to deliver, both under the heading “please don’t be mad!”

I. We don’t have Brussels Sprouts sandwiches to sell today.┬áTake a minute. Take a breath. It’ll be alright. What happened? We received a shipment of Brussels from one of the farmers that supplies us that wasn’t up to our standards. So instead of selling we had to compost a bunch of Brussels sprouts. We’ll have a new shipment in tomorrow so this is a temporary, if very frustrating, development. Please don’t be mad.

II. Second, when I introduced┬áthe Brussels Sprout sandwich to our staff I called it the “most successful sandwich in Clover’s history, aside from the Chickpea Fritter.” That’s true by the way. We’d never sold a sandwich more popular than the Brussels when we first introduced it. It actually outsold the Chickpea Fritter (reigning champ) in the first season back in 2013. But… since then Vincenzo came up with the Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich. And somebody, OK, it was Vincenzo, introduced the crazy notion that the Brussels was not the most popular sandwich, that in fact it was the Japanese Sweet Potato.

Now I love one just as well as the other, but I couldn’t let this go without a response. Enzo even suggested that my counts back in 2013 were flawed, and that if we looked at current numbers we’d see Japanese Sweet Potato on top.

So Ethan, who is leading up systems design at Clover, introduced this handy self-serve database analysis tool called Metabase just in the nick of time. And so I couldn’t help myself, I went ahead and pulled the Japanese Sweet Potato vs. Brussels Sprout numbers for yesterday. And guess what?

So (Enzo) please don’t be mad! If we look at the numbers for today Japanese Sweet Potato will be the clear winner since Brussels is 86’d!

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