New coffee launching: Colectivo, Miralvalle, El Salvador

By Lucia November 12, 2015


New coffee from Colectivo is landing. This should be at all restaurants and trucks by next week.

This coffee is a washed coffee from El Salvador. The Miralvalle farm is home to hot springs, and they actually use water from the geysers to rinse the coffee. The other cool thing about the farm is that the soil is volcanic and rich with phosphorous (a natural fertilizer). I’m not sure what the combination of phosphorous and geyser water does to the flavor of coffee. Any soil scientists out there want to weigh in?

You might have noticed new packaging on these coffee bags. Stacia was asking me what “Featured Farm” means. We looked it up, and it looks like Colectivo is offering coffee from smaller lots (parts of a farm) every month that are too small to be sent companywide. Luckily Clover got one of these lots. Come by and ask for a sample.

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