New salad launching 11/14: Lebanese Bean Salad

By Lucia November 13, 2015


Lieza directs our catering. She is half Lebanese and if you meet her, she’ll talk to you about Lebanese food. She grew up eating a stew called Fasoulia and thought it would be great at Clover.

She made a version and brought it to the Food Dev meeting a couple of weeks back (open to everyone, every Tuesday3pm at the HUB, sign up on the left-side of this website if you want to join). We tasted, loved it, and then she spent today in the kitchen with Chris, scaling it up for our locations.

It uses Charlie Baer’s soldier beans from South Berwick ME; cinnamon; roasted tomatoes from Backyard Farms, ME; lots of lemon juice and fresh parsley.

This will be at all restaurants tomorrow, and will be at Whole Foods starting in 2 weeks.

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