This moment started at 3am

By Lucia November 18, 2015


If you didn’t see the trucks at their usual spots today, sorry. We were out having an adventure!

This morning at 3am, Manlio, Michael, Alisa, and Marina (and a majority of their crews) descended on the HUB to start sifting flour, cracking eggs, chopping Asian pears, slicing tomatoes.

At 7:30am Sean was leading all 20 of them in a game of Ninja on Boston Commons, and by 9:30 there were 4 Clover trucks parked in a square, and we were feeding loads of parents, children, and teachers wearing blue T-shirts and carrying signs.

This all started 2 days ago when Lieza got a call asking Clover to cater a rally. A rally. They were expecting 2000 people over 1.5 hours. I was in the car with Chris when he got the call. He kept repeating: 2000 people. In 1.5 hours. That’s like if all the Clover customers at all the locations decided to show up at once. We decided to do it. The only way to do it was to pull all 4 trucks away from their usual sites, give each truck a different set of items to prepare, and shift all the employee’s schedules back in time by 8 hours.

I got to talk to a few of the (really nice) parents and the gist I got was that they are advocating for the cap on charter schools to be lifted so that they could form a charter high school.

We’ll be back to normal hours tomorrow, so when you’re by ask us how our day was. Oh, and is there a rally in your near future? We can cater it. Email Lieza:

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