Mushroom Loaf Sandwich v4 testing at KND today: 12/1

By Lucia December 1, 2015


Ayr’s dad used to make a rich mushroom dish for Thanksgiving. You cook down mushrooms and onions, thicken it a bit, and wrap it in puff pastry.

When I first started at Clover this was a sandwich that we ran this time of year. We pulled it from the menu because we weren’t able to nail the “loaf” part of the sandwich. We also weren’t able to get good quality mushrooms. Now that we have RI Mushroom Co as partners, we thought we’d breathe new life into the Mushroom Loaf Sandwich.

It has a cranberry spread, mayo, Grafton Cheddar, a mushroom loaf featuring shiitake and portobello from RI Mushroom Co, and a bit of lettuce. If you are one of the 20 folks who get a chance to try it at Kendall today, please use the comments section to leave your feedback. Would you order it again? Anything we could do better/differently?

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