3pm special launching: sweet potato latkes

By stacia December 12, 2015

Rolando championed sweet potato latkes three years ago as a Hanukkah-inspired 3pm special. He went with sweet potatoes because they’re pretty and healthy, and because we were getting a lot of requests for sweet potato fries at the time.

Latkes always give me flashbacks of my mom groaning while she throws away an oil-soaked paper towel. We fry these at a really high heat, so the moisture in the potatoes forms a barrier around the pancake, sealing out the oil.

We serve the sweet potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream. They’re available now at all our restaurants. Happy Hanukkah!

Edit: we are¬†actually¬†going to make some adjustments to these this week, we’ve been noticing that the interiors haven’t been frying up properly.

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