First $10 sandwich?

By Lucia December 15, 2015


Wendy at Grafton gave us some truffle cheddar to try. We’ve been wanting to do another mushroom sandwich ever since we partnered with Rhode Island Mushroom Co for the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich.

Chris brought us a sandwich at last Tuesday’s Food Development Meeting (every Tuesday at 3pm if you’d like to join). The sandwich had a shallot/green onion mayonnaise, Grafton truffle cheddar, roasted Rhode Island mushrooms, fried onions and Jerusalem artichokes, and arugula from Queen’s Greens Farm. We’ve never used Jerusalem artichokes before because of the cost.

But this sandwich was really good. Might have to do our first-ever $10 sandwich. The next step is to test it on you all. Expect to see this testing at a location after the holidays.

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