Hungarian Beet Sandwich Launching Thursday 12/17

By Lucia December 17, 2015


When I visited Winter Moon Roots, I got to see where the roots are rinsed off after being harvested. Michael harvests them in October, and then stores them in this amazing temperature-controlled barn.

This year, cold temperatures arrived early to the farm. On October 17, it was 17 degrees. The beets were still in the ground. They converted a lot of their starches into sugars. Michael called Chris and asked if we wanted access to extra-sweet beets. So we are bringing back the Hungarian Beet Sandwich.

This was a sandwich that we first ran in 2013. An MIT customer from Hungary won a sandwich-design contest. She said we should make a sandwich using beets. Megan, our Director of HR, started thinking about Hungarian flavors and designed a sandwich with a dill cream cheese, roasted-then-fried-beets, and a cabbage, caraway, paprika, white onion salad that we make in small batches throughout the day. With organic beets like these, you don’t even have to peel them (we don’t). The skin is thin and tasty.

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