Whoopie Pie Friday is tomorrow!

By stacia December 17, 2015


In Maine, whoopie pies are everywhere. The best ones in my hometown were at the local gas station/ convenience store/ deli/ ice cream stand/ game inspection station. After a trip to Maine five years ago, Ayr decided to make them a Friday tradition at our restaurants.

Whoopie pies are traditionally two chocolate cakes on either side of a frosting center. The current cake recipe was championed by our HR Director, Megan. The cream cheese filling changes weekly, and is up to the managers at each location. This fall at Harvard Square, Bayti made Concord grape whoopie pies with fruit we picked at Lookout Farms. Last week, Ray crushed candy canes and folded them into the cream cheese frosting for our tree-trimming party. At Kendall Square last week, Craig made eggnog whoopie pies.

Try Maine’s official state treat (not our official dessert- that’s blueberry pie) at all Clover restaurants every Friday after 5pm.

(photo: Sunny Chen)

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