First ever cake baked in honor of a Clover sandwich

By Lucia December 18, 2015


Stacia (Lead Order-taker at HSQ) sent me this email the other night. I couldn’t stop smiling. 

Today a man walked into HSQ looking for Enzo, and bearing cake. He’s the owner of the Danish Bakery in Watertown, and he’s Venezuelan. After hearing the story of its origin, he tried the Venezuelan Plantain sandwich the other day at BUR, thinking there was no way he’d find good Venezuelan food in a suburb of Boston. Long story short, he brought Enzo a cake. Lynn generously accepted it on his behalf, and the guy is going to bring another to KND tomorrow. How about that.

If you want to try the Venezuelan Plantain, we have it on at all our restaurants right now. Let us know what you think, using words or baked goods.

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