Cake story part 2

By Lucia January 4, 2016


I have the culmination of the cake story I wrote about back in December. Thanks to Enzo for this story.

This is Adrian. He’s Venezuelan-born and is the chef/owner of the Danish Pastry House. A couple weeks ago, he was picking up his watch in Brookline Village and walked by CloverBLV. He noticed we were selling a Venezuelan Plantain Sandwich. He asked about the sandwich, and the order-taker told him about Enzo and how he’s half-Venezuelan and made the sandwich as an homage to his dad’s rice and beans recipe.

Adrian went on a mission to find Enzo and thank him. The following day he brought a cake to CloverHSQ and met Lynn and Stacia, who told him more stories about Enzo, gave him a picture, and said Enzo would be at CloverKND the following day. Armed with another cake and the Clover Secrets card, he made it to KND and finally met Enzo. He told him how refreshing it was to see such a great representation of Venezuelan dishes.

Thanks Adrian! Enzo said the cake was really really good.


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