Meet Nick

By Lucia January 4, 2016


If you eat at Clover in Kendall Square, you know Nick. Two years ago, I was Nick’s customer at Sherman Cafe. One time I heard him talking to his coworkers with such gusto about a sandwich he had come up with. I think he had stuck jalapeños in an egg and cooked it in a microwave?

I heard the enthusiasm and kindness in his voice and thought that Nick could do a really job in a role we were hiring for at the time: lead order-taker. I had heard that Sherman was closing. So I asked Nick if he’d ever work for us.

When Nick sees me I think he still thinks of my regular Sherman order: salmon bagel and green tea. But I hope he also thinks about how grateful we are he decided to come work for us. Nick loves to make food (he specializes in wintery food cooked in Dutch ovens). And he loves the local food and beer community in his neighborhood. When you’re at Kendall next, ask him about the time he was asked to host a beer podcast.

We are hiring for lead order-takers.

Lead Order-taker is the leadership position for the front-of-house at Clover. Lead order-takers train others and are responsible for customer-facing aspects of their truck or restaurant. It’s a job we don’t give to just anybody (there are only 2 in our entire company) and it’s a role that’s really hard to fill. Think of it as a tour guide. You have to really love food, you have to love talking about it, and you have to be committed to helping customers feel close to Clover. Because of all this, it’s paid at a higher rate than our regular order-takers. Think this could be you? Apply online and specify that you’re interested in this role.

Photo: Michael Fitzhenry

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