Meet Stacia

By Lucia January 4, 2016


This evening I stopped by CloverHSQ and Stacia said to Ray, “That’s Lucia! We were just talking about you. They said I was the Clover encyclopedia, but I said YOU were the Clover encyclopedia. I’m like the Clover Bathroom Reader.” I Googled this term; don’t worry, it’s safe to click the link. 

She’s being modest, but in reality, Stacia is one of the best examples of the order-taker role that we have at Clover. I met Stacia when she was working at the Park Street truck two summers ago. I noticed she was curious about Clover, asked a ton of questions, took her job seriously and lifted the spirits of everyone around her. She told me she was involved in anti-tobacco stuff at her school and that she loved writing. Since then she’s graduated from college and is now with us full-time, working as a Lead Order-taker at CloverHSQ. I’ve also gotten to know her better and to observe the wonderful way she connects with customers over our food.

When Ayr told me to find someone to help me keep the blog up to date, I was really excited. I immediately thought of Stacia. I wanted someone who had a journalist’s temperament and a ton of optimism. I’ve been training her to write about our food. If you stop by tell her congrats. She’s getting paid to write!

Photo: Michael Fitzhenry

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