By Lucia January 5, 2016


We’re at the end of our launch phase for Clover + Whole Foods. This Friday 1/8, we’ll launch at Whole Foods Jamaica Plain and Whole Foods Prospect Street, which will bring our total number of locations to 8 (the others are Ink Block, Dedham, Lynnfield, River Street, Charles River Plaza, and Wellesley). This is a brand new venue for us. Never before has Clover food existed outside of a Clover location. You can find Clover dips, spreads, salads, and pickled vegetables in 2 places at WFM: the salad bar and the refrigerated shelves.

The on-boarding process took several months. We had to figure out packaging and labeling. We had to decide which items to use. We had to get our SKU’s in line, figure out pricing and container sizes, share all our ingredients, weigh in on marketing materials, and set up a process for each WFM store to order food from us. A lot has changed in the Clover kitchen as a result. There’s now a little team led by Brianna, dedicated to making food every day for Whole Foods Market.

Paul was promoted to Whole Foods account manager and has been leading up our presence in WFM. He’s driving to Whole Foods locations at , making deliveries, checking in with the teams at each location, and doing sampling to customers on-site. He’s been learning a ton and doing a great job kicking off our presence there.

Have you tried Clover at Whole Foods? What do you think?


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