German beer made in an Italian factory in Framingham

By Lucia January 20, 2016


We have a Jack’s Abby beer launch coming up tomorrow night at CloverKND. Stop by from 7pm on. If you sign up in advance (there are 3 advance tickets left) you’ll get a gift. We’ve worked with Jack’s Abby for 4 years, ever since a customer told us about a tiny brewery in Framingham that was only making lagers using German methods.

Jack’s Abby recently moved into a bigger space. We took all the managers on a trip to see the new brewery last week. Tim brought us up onto the brew deck and it was awesome to look down on all the gleaming tanks. “Where did you get the equipment?” we asked. Tim said, “All of it came from Parma, Italy.” The tanks arrived in Boston Harbor on a ship.

“What? Why Italy?” we asked. That’s not usually a country you associate with beer. “It came from a manufacturer that builds tomato-canning facilities.”

Stop by CloverKND tomorrow night to meet the brewers and ask them about their new digs.

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